Tanabe International English Guide Association for Kumano Kodo
Tanabe International English Guide Association for Kumano Kodo

TIEGA(Tanabe International English Guide Association大河)は、世界遺産『熊野古道』を英語のガイドで歩いてみようと言う民間団体です。『熊野古道』ウォークは歩いてみたいと思った時、意外とその『実行』の難しいアクティビティーです。大河はそんな方々に具体的なツールを示すことで気軽に歩けるお手伝いが出来たらと思っています。

      2020 SCHEDULE
   TIEGA (pronounced as “tie-ee-gah”) (Tanabe International English Guide Association) is a grassroots organization of people who enjoy walking the Kumano Kodo with English language guides. Getting started walking the Kumano Kodo may seem surprisingly difficult to organize on one’s own. One of the purposes of TIEGA is to give people wanting to walk the trails the necessary tools to be able to start walking at whatever level of ability people may have.
Please join us if you:
l want to walk the Kumano Kodo bit by bit
l want to walk to alleviate a lack of exercise
l want to learn more about the history of the Kumano Kodo
l have an interest in conversational English

1. 費用:1000円/1回(非会員)、2500円/6ヶ月(会員)
2. 集合場所:現地(その都度連絡します)
3. 参加申し込み、問い合わせは以下にお願いします。
  TIEGA:Tel:  (関岡) 0739-26-0710


  ≪Participation Guidelines≫
1. Participation fee per event for non-members of TIEGA, 1,000 yen
2. Gathering Place – details given prior to each event
3. To join an event or TIEGA contact in English or Japanese:
Telephone Mr. Hideo Sekioka at 0739-26-0710
Email TIEGA at tiega.online@gmail.com

Our Koya & Kumano Certified Interpreter/Guides provide guiding services. Please contact us to plan your trek.

*There is some risk of injury when participating. Individuals are responsible for providing their own insurance coverage.

田辺国際英語ガイドの会 大河TIEGAは、
Tanabe International Guide Association (TIEGA) supports “Wakayama Prefecture’s Hospitality Campaign!!!”
For visitors to Wakayama, we want to spread heartfelt “hospitality” which leads to comments from visitors such as,

  ”I want to visit Wakayama again!” and,

  “I’m so glad I visited Wakayama!”


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May 13, 2013