TIEGA(大河) 田辺国際英語ガイドの会は、2006年4月に発足しました。
英語での正式名称は、Tanabe International English Guide Association(略称 TIEGA、日本語通称=大河)です。



田辺国際英語ガイドの会(TIEGA 大河) 代表 関岡秀夫

Tanabe International English Guide Association (TIEGA) started in April ,2006.
With the registration of the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range on the UNESCO World Heritage list, sightseeing places along Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes in Wakayama Prefecture have been in the spotlight both from within and outside of Japan. For this reason it is urgent to make brochures and guidebook in Japanese as well as other languages and has also become important to train and educate tour guides.
TIEGA has been working on training and educating guides who can guide people both in Japanese and in English.

Tanabe International English Guide Assosiation(TIEGA) Hideo Sekioka
719-8 Minato Tanabe Wakayama  Tel: 0739-26-0710
“Welcome to the Kumano Ancient Pilgrimage Routes ? Nakahechi Route (Tanabe to Hongu)” published by Tanabe International English Guide Association.

Tread the paths that remain little changed over the ages. Breathe in the crystal clear air and be revitalized. Experience the Kumano ancient pilgrimage routes in your own way. Find balance in a busy world just as others have through the ages.
Our English guidebook will help you stay on the trail. Historical background, myths and legends give meaning to the paths you take.
This book is dedicated to all those who walk the Kumano Kodo … Each person’s journey is unique…
Torii gates
Torii gates are often at the entrances to shrines and temples. They show the separation of the ordinary world and sacred areas.




 田辺国際英語ガイドの会 大河TIEGA 発行 ガイドブック紹介
Tanabe International Guide Association ( TIEGA) - Published guidebooks
 2012年2月発行  Kumano Kodo Heritage  Welcome to the Kumano Ancient Pilgriamge Route 
Published 2012, February printing
Article in Kii Minpo newspaper
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Published 2007, March printing
Article in Kii Minpo newspaper
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2006年発行  大辺路街道ガイドブック   Published 2006, Ohechi Route Guidebook 
 紀伊民報記事 Article in Kii Minpo newspaper
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2015年5月15日(金)〜17日(日)田辺市ギャラリー寿苑にて、『田辺国際英語ガイドの会 大河TIEGA 文化祭』を開催しました。日頃の活動を映像、展示、バーチャルガイドで紹介しました。
TIEGA commemorates ten years as a group dedicated to guiding at Ju-en Gallery.A variety of exhibits, musical entertainment, a photo gallery, “virtual guiding,” and experiential events will be held.
『田辺国際英語ガイドの会 大河TIEGA 文化祭2016』
 田辺国際英語ガイドの会 大河TIEGAは、「わかやまおもてなし宣言」をしています!!

Tanabe International Guide Association (TIEGA) supports “Wakayama Prefecture’s Hospitality Campaign!!!”

For visitors to Wakayama, we want to spread heartfelt “hospitality” which leads to comments from visitors such as, 

  ”I want to visit Wakayama again!”  and, 

  “I’m so glad I visited Wakayama!”

We recently registered our group with the “Hospitality” campaign through the Department of Wakayama Tourism Promotion.